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CoE I Server
This page exists only for nostalgic reasons.

CoE I is a 16 Slot "iCTF" server with standard maprotation. It's also open for all other insta mode via voting. Voting for other game modes is not possible.

abbey, akroseum, arbana, asgard, authentic, autumn, bad_moon, berlin_wall, bt_falls, campo, capture_night, catch22, core_refuge, core_transfer, damnation, desecration, dust2, eternal_valley, europium, evilness, face-capture, flagstone, forge, forgotten, garden, hallo, haste, hidden, infamy, kopenhagen, l_ctf, mach2, mbt1, mbt12, mbt4, mercury, mill, nitro, nucleus, recovery, redemption, reissen, sacrifice, shipwreck, siberia, snapper_rocks, spcr, subterra, suburb, tejen, tempest, tortuga, turbulence, twinforts, urban_c, valhalla, wdcd, xenon.

Gallery of maps:

abbey akroseum arbana asgard authentic autumn bad_moon berlin_wall bt_falls campo capture_night catch22 core_refuge core_transfer damnation desecration dust2 eternal_valley europium evilness face-capture flagstone forge forgotten garden hallo haste hidden infamy kopenhagen l_ctf mach2 mbt1 mbt12 mbt4 mercury mill nitro nucleus recovery redemption reissen sacrifice shipwreck siberia snapper_rocks spcr subterra suburb tejen tempest tortuga turbulence twinforts urban_c valhalla wdcd xenon

CoE I is powered by FreeBSD.

Play fair, have Fun!! Pauli. Go to ToP.

12 Apr 2014