CoE I Server


is a 16 Slot "iCTF" server with standard maprotation. It's also open for all other insta mode via voting. Voting for other game modes is not possible.

abbey, akroseum, arbana, asgard, authentic, autumn, bad_moon, berlin_wall, bt_falls, campo, capture_night, catch22, core_refuge, core_transfer, damnation, desecration, dust2, eternal_valley, europium, evilness, face-capture, flagstone, forge, forgotten, garden, hallo, haste, hidden, infamy, kopenhagen, l_ctf, mach2, mbt1, mbt12, mbt4, mercury, mill, nitro, nucleus, recovery, redemption, reissen, sacrifice, shipwreck, siberia, snapper_rocks, spcr, subterra, suburb, tejen, tempest, tortuga, turbulence, twinforts, urban_c, valhalla, wdcd, xenon.

You can see the gallery of maps as picture here.


CoE I is powered by FreeBSD.

Play fair, have Fun!! Pauli.

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