Commands in game:

Press t to enter the command promt. Then type:

  • /showping 1
    Shows the ping of players.

  • /showpj 1
    Shows the lag (pj) of players.

  • /showclientnum 1
    Client number (cn) of players.

  • #votekick cn
    Replace cn with the client number of a player which you would like
    to kick.

  • /texreduce 12
    This does not look pretty but it resoled the fps (Frames Per Second) on small computers.

  • 9
    Toggles from 1st person view to 3rd person view and aback.

  • #help
    Some Hopmod commands.

  • #stats
    Shows your stats in the actual game.

  • #stats total
    Shows your stats of all games you've played.

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