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30 Nov 2014

CoE III and CoE IV.
Both of them are back and - hopefully - fixed.

26 Aug 2014

CoE III and CoE IV.
Both of them are a bit buggy. Some of you know it already. The servers are down until the problem is fixed.

09 May 2014

CoE servers are back.
There was a bit more to do than maintenance. Sorry.

06 May 2014

Both CoE server are down for maintenance.
Online again in middle next week.

06 Dec 2013

Nelson Mandela has left #world
Nelson Mandela, one of the most important person in the world has died.

06 Jun 2013

CoE is upgraded to rev. 2780.
Command #stats total is working again. This will show your stats of all games you've played.

11 May 2013

CoE is upgraded to rev. 2750.
Including some backports.

25 Apr 2013

CoE has lost a HDD from the RAID. Therefore, he spent several hours offline.
The reason for the bad HDD were bullet holes. Try to hit the enemies, not the hardware.

15 Apr 2013

CoE is on hopmod rev. 2725.
Map phosgene should work without errors.

16 Mar 2013

CoE is on hopmod rev. 2713.

18 Feb 2013

CoE is on hopmod rev. 2689. UTF-8, #stats, #stats (cn) should work.

26 Jan 2013

Another patch for "Collect Edition".
Please download and install the latest Patch.

08 Jan 2013

CoE I and CoE II are on "Collect Edition".
Please download the new Sauerbraten and the latest Patch.
It was a long and nice time with "Justice Edition", but that's over now.

06 Jan 2013

Sauerbraten (Collect Edition) is there.
The Collect Edition of Sauerbraten is there. Much servers running it already - CoE will follow soon. It's a good idea to download the new Sauerbraten and enjoy an new modi and much new maps.

27 Dec 2012

More Trash.
Okay MFLC, whoever you are but your excessive language is more than enough.
It's Christmas time now, your present - an permanent Ban on CoE.

25 Oct 2012

Same procedure as always. Bans blanked.
Local permanent bans are blanked again. Global permanet bans are still active.

06 Oct 2012

Sauerbraten Special Client!
Some players have a "Sauerbraten Special Client". They are recognized e.g. at a high hit rate. Cheaters of course. Most of them are too stupid to write the necessary code for himself.

What they have done? Nothing!
They have downloaded this stuff from the Internet, installed and nothing else! Then they are conceited call himself pro. That is not only stupid, that's seriously ill. I wish a speedy recovery. ;)

04 Oct 2012

Shit happens!
I have put an innocent to the banlist. Well he visits me in IRC and this problem was solved. His ban is blanked. Sorry about this.

21 Aug 2012

Bans blanked again.
Local permanent bans are blanked again. Global permanet bans are still active.

12 Jul 2012

Bans blanked again.
Local permanent bans are blanked again. Global permanet bans are still active.

05 Jul 2012

About "guiltess" Cheaters.
It has already said everything. But not yet by everyone.
There is no more to say about "guiltless" cheaters because the storys of this kind of idiots are old and well known by every experienced player and server admin. Solution of that "problems": Permban!

24 Jun 2012

Three days after erasing the local permanent bans the list is growing again. 13 (One Three) new bans til now.

22 Jun 2012

Public Key has changed.
We (Germans) can use gmail instead googlemail now. I switched to gmail. That means the old key will not work anymore. The new Public Key is here.

20 Jun 2012

News on CoE.
Today all local permanent bans are blanked. Global permanet bans are still active.

07 Jun 2012

Sentence from the economic encyclopedia of the 18th century. "Brewing beer is one of the noblest and most necessary pursuits of the food manufacturing at all!"

24 May 2012

Satz aus der OECONOMISCHEN ENZYCLOPÄDIE des 18.Jhd. "Das Bierbrauen ist eine der vornehmsten und nötigsten Beschäftigungen des Nahrungsmittelstandes überhaupt!"

30 May 2012

CoE has a new web design. Most stuff is written in css. The "sport" is to make this site as small and fast as possible.

19 May 2012

This site has change from *.html to *.xhtml. That's may break the compatibility to M$-Internet-Explorer. All other browsers will work fine as always so this turn is not "important" for Sauerbraten players.

17 May 2012

Some people ask for her/his ranking on CoE servers. That's not possible here. You can see your own acc/kpd in-game and only in-game here when you type #stats. You can see the acc/kpd of other players when you type #stats cn. What "cn" is and how to enable it is covered here.

15 May 2012

There are much permanent bans on the CoE's now because of autoshooting / aimbot. Are you involved guiltless? Please visit me in IRC or send a e-mail to remove that ban.

04 May 2012

CoE is up again. Operating system is FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p1 now.

04 May 2012

CoE is down for maintenance tonight. Sorry for abrupt disconnect but security is more important.

22 Jan 2012

Sauerbraten Server/Client software is open source and free for everyone. Playing Sauerbraten is like a walk in the city. As you know you will meet a lot of nice, fair and friendly people there.
Sauerbraten is bigger than a city because you will meet people of most countries of the world here and most of them are like the peoples in the city. But not all.

I believe it's better to belong to the group of the nice people because of more fun, better life and friendships.
The other small group are not in the condition to go this way of life. To less brain, heard of stone or only stupid can be the reason of the crazy behaviour of this group. No person other than themselves need them really.

To host two public Sauerbraten server, CoE I and CoE II, is one way of myself to give back a bit of neatness, fairness and friendliness to the community of the first group.

Sauerbraten is better than a city because it can block idiots like players as "AnalCreme". The nick maybe is reason enough to kick but that's a question of taste always. His/Her way of doing to talk to other players was reason enough for a perm-ban. Done!
Try to become a good person. The world will have one idiot less then.

28 Dec 2011

There was a downtime of CoE at Christmas time. Sorry about that but security of the host is more important than playing. The foundation of CoE is "FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p5 amd64" now. The whole system/software is patched, recompiled and up to date. CoE also. It smells really fresh. ;) Enjoy it.

08 Dec 2011

A rose is a rose. A little story about FreeBSD.
German version. English version.

17 Nov 2011

If possible do not play with cheap scripts on the CoE's such as fast rename and so on. There are still enough idiots on the way and no one need more of them.
When i see somewhat like that in server log or in game it will end in a perm ban! That's happened to a cheap script kiddy from Russia (IP 85.89.102.xx). So the range of is blocked now on both CoE's. It's all your own fault.

03 Nov 2011

Some fixes are done and it seems that was a good one. No server crashes anymore. Lets hope that will go on. CoE is running hopmod revision 2460 now.

12 Oct 2011

Dennis Ritchie has left #world
Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language, and key developer of the Unix operating system has died. So we just say a big thank you to you, Dennis, for your wonderful job.

27 Sep 2011

Some edits by speedhack detection. Maybe the "old" one was to strong.

17 Sep 2011

I hope this important side will work for every monitor now. If not, call me noob please. ;)

11 Sep 2011

Both servers are updated to r2412 today. Hope we can say bye bye crash.

08 Sep 2011

CoE I had some server crashes triggered by cheaters so the new cheat detection don't work well for now. I hope that's not a reason for you to left this server. Stay there so that we can check the logs and the output of the debugger. We work hard on the code to make sauer better to have fun without that tinny cheater trash.

07 Sep 2011

Next step is done. Cheat detection is now in a new version.
Please remember - it's still experimental!!

09 Sep 2011

CoE have now a new experimental cheat detection. It should be able to detect speed-hacks, flag-score-hacks and much more. If the server detect a cheat, the person will be kicked/banned for 360 minutes.
It's still experminetal so don't try to kill me if you become a guiltless victim. Big "THANK YOU!!" to Thomas. He wrote that stuff and me (Pauli) was the poor sod to test it. ;)

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